About C3 Church


In 1980, a young couple from New Zealand arrived in Sydney, Australia with their family and vision to start a church. Ps. Phil & Chris Pringle began Christian Centre Northside (as it was first known) with an Easter service with just 12 people attending. By the mid 1980’s it had grown to over 500 people!

In the early 1980’s the church began to start other churches. As well as this, some independent churches joined in with Christian Centre Northside. As the number of churches grew, the collection of churches became known as the movement Christian City Church (now called C3 Church). At the same time, the vision of 10 churches in 10 cities of the world was developed.

By the beginning of the 90’s, C3 Church had outgrown the vision of the 80’s. A new vision was set: to reach the major cities of the world with C3 Church. Currently, we have over 400 churches worldwide. We have churches in Australia, New Zealand, the Pacific Region, Asia, Africa, Europe and North & South America.

The church Ps. Phil & Chris Pringle originally started is now known as C3 Church Oxford Falls. It has a membership of over 5000 people, and meets in premises built and owned by the church.

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