About C3 Currumbin

Our Beginning

C3 Church Currumbin began as a house church in 1981 on the Gold Coast and progressed to a fully functioning church by 1983. It joined the C3 Church movement in 1985 and has been a member church ever since.


Our Movement

C3 Church Currumbin is a part of the C3 Church International Movement that has churches all around the world and is administered to through the central office of C3I in Sydney Australia. The Vision of C3I is to build 1000 churches of 500+ members around the world by the year 2020. The location of C3 Churches can be found on www.c3churchglobal.com

Our Vision

As a movement the churches all espouse an ethos of being culturally relevant, enthusiastic, and bright, expressed in a lifestyle of contemporary holiness. C3 Church Currumbin’s vision is to “Be a Church that Connects, Disciples and Serves.” We look to achieve this by doing such as well as applying the following values:

Presence: The presence of God changes everything and breathes life into every situation. This we cultivate through prayer, worship, serving and giving, that the miraculous might be released in our midst, Matt. 18:20.

Atmosphere: We seek to build an atmosphere in all we do in church life from our Church Services to our Connect Groups to our Youth Services to Kids Church. Alive, optimistic, enthusiastic and progressive with messages of faith, hope and love, Matt. 22:32.

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