About Jesus

Who Jesus is

Jesus Christ is the Son of God. He was born a man but had all the authority of God His Father. His authority was demonstrated through his teaching, in healing, power over nature and evil spirits (physical and spiritual realms), death, humanity and through the forgiveness of sins. He is part of the Godhead, the Holy Trinity, consisting of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. These three persons make up the Godhead. He was the visible manifestation of the otherwise invisible God.

What He did

Jesus healed many sick people and even raised the dead in the time He was on earth, He taught people how to live as well as the principles of the kingdom of heaven. He forgave sins and was the perfect example for us to follow.
Jesus took all of our sins on the cross and was crucified for them. God allowed this to happen so that there would be no separation from Him and that we would not have to pay the penalty of sin of going to hell. God saw Jesus’ death as the only effective ransom and as He had no personal sin He was resurrected after three days. This proves that He is the Son of God and that everything He did throughout His Ministry and crucifixion was legitimate. Finally He promised He would return again, bringing to conclusion our current way of life, and for all who call upon Him in faith, they will be saved and be with Him in Heaven at an appointed time.

His Mission

The heartbeat of Jesus was not to condemn but to save the lost. All who believe in Him would not perish, but receive everlasting life.
His motivation was to make disciples, show them the right way to live and the path to salvation, and have them do the same throughout the nations. His ultimate work was to be a sacrifice for our sins. This means that He would offer His life to cover everything we’ve ever done wrong. That He would take it all upon Himself, knowingly and lovingly receive the punishment that was due to us. This is how much He loves us. This love for us covers everything and makes us clean. We have a fresh start and a clear path for us to communicate with our Father. We are cleansed by the blood He shed and therefore since we have been forgiven, there is no shame or guilt, only love and grace. We don’t have to earn it or work off the debt of sin, because Jesus has already paid it, which was given to us freely.

How it impacts us today

The same principle applies to us as to the people who lived in biblical times. Jesus healed the sick then, and there is healing for us now. He forgave the sins of all mankind so that includes us! We can have a fresh start. We can pray and be in relationship with Him. God speaks to us and we can know Him personally. All the blessing and fullness that is promised in the Word of God, is available for us here and now. We just have to invite Him into our lives. Through His people, the body of Christ, we declare He is the answer for a lost world. It is up to the men and women of God to share this message of faith, hope and love. This body of people, whose hearts desire is to see everyone find Salvation, grow in God, receive hope where there is none, find life and step into a purpose and plan that God has for every individual, is known as the Church. The importance of belonging to a church is fundamental to the Christian faith. We need the support of others in our lives to encourage and inspire us. To lift us when we’re down and to help guide and show direction to us when we loose our way.

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