Community Services

10 Villiers Drive, Currumbin Waters 4223 QLD
(07) 5534 3210

C3 Church Currumbin Community Services is a facility that we as a church have built to meet the variety of needs that we have identified in our community.
The most pressing that we see are those directly related to lack of finance and as a consequence of this a lack in people’s ability to provide sufficient food for themselves or their families.

In our Community Services building we’ve been able to setup a counselling room, a food relief program, financial counselling and debt negotiating assistance, and a youth centre to cater for youth needs.

C3 Currumbin Community Services is a non for profit, public benevolent institution charity registered with the government’s new charities commission.


C3 Currumbin Food Relief

C3 Church Currumbin has established a Food Relief Program that assists in meeting at least some of the needs that many in the community are finding themselves subject to. It has become apparent since the GFC of 2007 that many are finding themselves under immense financial strain through job losses, increased costs of services, diminished pension funds, loss of income from superannuity schemes, etc.

Our goal was to set up a distribution centre where we can provide food hampers, and the like to those who are the most disadvantaged, namely many elderly Australians and those who have lost employment due to retrenchments, business closures, restructuring, etc., and are finding re-employment a very difficult hurdle to negotiate. The food relief program is designed to not only meet the needs of the various people who find themselves in such a position but it is also seeks to remove the stigma that this kind of charitable need can thrust a person into with extreme shame and embarrassment. We have created an environment that makes it palpable for a person to engage with our facility and find not only assistance in regard to sustenance but also some encouraging words to strengthen and encourage them with a sense of hope.

Christians Against Poverty

C3 Church Currumbin is also partnering with CAPS (Christians Against Poverty) and has established a CAPS Branch at the C3 Church Currumbin Community Services facility to cater to those who find themselves in financial difficulty and are unable to extricate themselves from their dilemma. This is operational and is well on its way to freeing people in our community from financial debt.


Opportunity Road – Op Shop

C3 Church Currumbin has established an opportunity shop in its Community Services building to assist those in our community who have fallen on hard times. The shop provides second hand items for minimal cost to those who are able to afford such and to others various items of clothing, furniture and or kitchen needs as the case may be free of any charge. The Food Bank also operates out of the shop so we are able to meet a wide range of needs at the one stop focal point and thus are saving people having to travel to various places to find some relief for their problems