Connect Groups


What are they?

Connect groups are relationship oriented small groups that build strong friendships and help us grow in our relationship with God. They help us feel connected within the church family and provide a place for us to share and express our faith with others.

These groups generally have a common interest, age or lifestyle and meet once a fortnight either in a Cafe, home or other place that works for the group.

Every connect group has a leader that mentors and builds into the lives of connect members to help them grow and face the everyday challenges of life with them.

Why be in a Connect Group?

  • To inspire people in their love of God and to build their faith through contact and purpose in a small intimate group.
  • Providing an avenue for unchurched people to make contact with God and His church.
  • To develop relationships between people to build the church.
  • To provide pastoral care, counsel and prayer for individuals in the group.