C3 Church Currumbin has an involvement in various oversees missions which helps to fund other C3 Churches and equip them to have a greater impact in their local community.

Over the years we have sponsored many different churches and organisations and at present we are connected with C3 Bekasi (Indonesia) and C3 London.

Through our oversees missions program we are seeing these churches able to lease good facilities, hire staff and cover the basic overheads of church costs.

This is credit to everyone that has given into our missions program which has allowed us to help other churches become a sustainable and integral part of their community.


In November 2009 Ps Eric Harrison and Mal Flowers went to Myanmar to see how we as a church could make a difference. In 2013 Ps. Eric met with a Myanmarese couple in Kuala Lumpur who were interested in starting a C3 Church in Yangong. This has now started.