Ministry Training College

Our MTC is designed to assist people to grow in both their knowledge of God and also in practical ministry expression in the life of the Church. The Curriculum consists of a range of Theological subjects, Leadership Modules taught by various lecturers, as well Pastor Phil Pringles “Leadership Series.” These are selected to assist the student to develop in their understanding of God and hone their ability to assist others in their growth in Christ. The goal is not only knowledge but the development of Leaders.

Practical Ministry subjects are also taught so students can become conversant and effective in ministering to others and can also pass on these skills and knowledge to others. The goal is always the development of God’s people in areas of skill, gifting, calling and leadership. The practical development of such ministry work is getting people to volunteer in an area of church life that gives rise to such skills being honed under the guidance and coaching of one who is competent in such a field of ministry experience.


The year follows the School Terms and can be either six or ten week modules, according to the respective subject being taught.