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Open My Heart album

Check out our album Open My Heart available on iTunes

Our vision is to create an atmosphere that enables people to get carried away in the presence of God. Where they reach heaven and in a place of praise and worship they experience a tangible Holy Spirit encounter that fuels the fire inside them. That refreshing touch, that revelation, that healing. So then we can go into all the world.

This year we are encouraged to go into a deeper place with God. On a personal level, one on one, face to face we seek an intimacy not yet experienced. A deeper love that cannot be articulated in words, but conveyed by the song in our hearts. It starts with us. We cannot take people where we have not yet been ourselves. It is up to us to find Him in that secret place, to discover a fire that cannot be easily burned out and allow the revelation in our hearts to flow through us in our praise and worship. The deeper we go as individuals, the deeper our congregation will go in our services.

Our music is neither passive nor reflective, but fervent and joyous. We carry the joy of the Lord that is seen in our stage presence. Full, alive, energetic, and contagious! This fervency spills into the hearts of men and women who receive a fresh infilling from the Holy Spirit and take it into their working week. Lighter and equipped to face the trials of life, taking heaven to those whom God has purposed.

Our culture is creative and relevant. Music is on the inside of us. We are original, punctual, and enthusiastic. We carry a positive attitude and we look forward to worshiping in His house, leading His people. We count it a privilege to serve and to be outworking the gifts God has given us fulfilling the purpose He set out for us. We are committed to writing songs that reflect the love that God has for people, not only inspiring worship, but inspiring us to live for Him.