C3 Church Currumbin assists in the funding of running the TV Broadcast of “Your Best Life Now” program produced out of C3 Church Oxford Falls. The program has been developed to help people who are searching for solutions to the problems of life and to proclaim the message of Jesus Christ.

C3 Currumbin further funds Christians Against Poverty (CAPS), a church funded initiative, designed to assist those in the public who have found themselves in financial difficulty. Assistance comes through Budget Training, Debt Negotiation, Fiscal Counselling, and providing an emotional and material support network. It has been designed to help people out of the Debt Trap and once more get control of their lives, free from worry and stress about money.


In addition to the above, it supports a range of other National initiatives (as they come to light), and also other churches across the Nation in a variety of ways that help build and strengthen them as they seek to positively impact their Communities.