The Revolution

Church life exists and thrives on the volunteers that choose to exist for a cause greater than themselves.
Through serving in church, you will find a greater sense of purpose for your life, you will feel apart of the house and connect to the people in it, and you will find blessing and revelation continues to flow in your world.

The First Serve

The first serve option is a great opportunity for you to serve in a particular area once, to see if you like it!
If it’s an area you can see yourself being a part of, you can become involved in the core team serving regularly in that area

The Gifting

In connection with serving at church, it is our hope to see every person connect with a purpose that works in conjunction with the unique giftings each one of us possesses. The “Three Colours Of Ministry” is a program we use to help you locate your gifted area of ministry and connect you with those areas.

If you are interested either speak to the personnel at the Resource Desk at Church, or fill in our Volunteer Brochure, or send an email to [email protected] in regard to your desired choice to serve in.

The Teams

Contact the Resource Desk for a list of the different teams that you can be a part of and the team leader will contact you.